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What's New?

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As new items are added, we'll add links to this page so that you can click right to the
newest in beads, books and findings.  Since we usually get shipments every week,
this should be a hoppin' page. 

Combined 11o and 15o Delicas To make your ordering easier, we have combined our 11o and 15o Delica beads onto single pages based on the DB color number assigned by the factory.  We think it will be easier for you to see whether or not there is a matching 15o Delica by doing it in this fashion. 
May 2010 - Japanese 14o/15o Hex Seed Beads Yes, customers can make a difference.  Thanks to Rachel and Ellen, we have added the Opaque section of our 14o/15o hex beads .  These 66 beads are the beginning of our Japanese 14o/15o bead section and the colors are available in standard shape also, even though the standard shape is not live yet. 
July 2008 - 7mm Flower Cups In response to a customer request, while watching "Le Tour de France" working their way through the Alps, we quickly scanned and set up a page of our smaller flower cups.  Check out both sizes, the 9mm Flower Cups and the newer 7mm Flower Cups
June 2008 - Base Metal Chain by the Foot -
     Large Links
We've had an outstanding selection of base metal chain for months, but thought that our on-line shoppers might also want to share in these.  Among the chains available is the Large/Small Round Link Yoke Chain.  This chain was used in Sandi's Swarovski crystal and chain project in Bead & Button's special "Vintage Jewelry" edition published late in 2007. 
June 2008 - 15o Delica Beads The first shipment of these wonderfully accurate and teeny-tiny beads has arrived.  Take a look, buy a few.  You'll end up being as addicted to these small wonders as we were when we first saw them.  Perfectly wonderful in the colors and finishes that you've grown to love over the years and with the quality that Miyuki always puts into their Delica beads - these little beauties will be your favorite bead before you know it. 
April 2008 - 63 New Delicas Miyuki is back on track with a wonderful selection of Lined/Rainbow, Opal/Lined/Rainbow and Lined/Sparkle Delica beads.  Find the new colors here
November 2005 - 8mm Hearts So pretty, the perfect accent on holiday ornament covers and for holiday jewelry.  Many colors at a great price.  Come and look, come and shop...
November 2005 - Hematite An alternative to the magnetic hematite, these wonderful shapes of Hematite beads are the perfect stone for men's jewelry.  
November 2005 - Magnetic Hematite A customer was looking for magnetic beads.  So we put our Magnetic Hematite up for her to look at.  Our standard Hematite will follow shortly. 
October 2005 - New Delica Colors We've got LOTS of new vibrant Delica colors that will match out with your standard 11o and 14o seed beads, as well as most of the Czech pressed glass that is out there.  Check them out on the New Delicas page, as well as on the page(s) where their normal Delica numbers fit in.  
October 2005 - New Colors of 3x11 Daggers There are many new colors in these popular daggers - lots of 2-Tones and great surface finishes.  Check both of the pages out for the new colors and play with new daggers on your beaded projects.  
October 2005 - 7x11 Horizontally Drilled Leaves Wow, it's been a while since I've had any time.  But a LOT of stuff is getting added in the next few days.  Start with these lovely new colors of our popular 7x11 horizontally drilled leaves.  These have been so popular in-store that we've never been able to have enough on hand to add them to the website before.  Indulge yourself in great colors in a wonderful shape.  
October 2004 - 28 New Delica Colors The final shipment of Delica colors arrived and are now on both in their appropriate number pages and on our New Delicas page.  I know the New Delicas page is very graphics intensive, but wanted to show all of you the total color array released this year.  So, be patient, it's well worth the wait for the download.  
September 2004 - 29 New Delica Colors The next to the last shipment of new colors arrived at a busy time of the year for me.  Even though these arrived in August, I didn't get them up on the website until early September.  Sorry for the delay.  See the colors in their appropriate numeric locations as well as on the New Delicas page.  
August 2004 - Czech Republic pressed glass - 5mmx7mm Faceted Vertical Teardrops Shala asked so nicely, I had to get these teardrops on line for her.  Just look at the wonderful colors to add just the right sparkle to your special project.  
July 2004 - Czech Republic pressed glass - 6mm Bicones Not every project calls for a lead crystal.  For a slightly softer look, we offer our 6mm Czech Republic pressed glass bicones.  The variety of colors is stunning.  Choose these as an alternative to Swarovski bicones at a lesser cost and with different colors and appearances.  
July 2004 - Swarovski #5301 Bicones - Standard Colors We've been working on getting our crystals up on the website for a long, long time.  You've been wonderfully patient and it's starting to pay off!  Here's the first category of crystals to hit our website - our standard colors of the 5301 bicone style.  Keep watching for more colors and other styles of crystals - we have LOTS still to get up here.  
July 2004 - 19 New DELICA colors!! Out of famine, comes feasting!!  Nineteen additional Delica colors to enjoy in your beadwork.  Look for numbers 1451 through 1460 and 1490 through 1498 on the New Delicas page or their appropriate color number page.  
June 2004 - 38 New DELICA colors!!


Additional 7mm Crescents and
8mm Butterflies, and 10mm 



6x8 Bellflowers added!

9mm Flower Cups

Transparent, transparent lustre and silver lined Delicas.  The newest colors from Miyuki are added to this beloved category of beads.  Find these in their color number order (#'s 1400 and Over) or on the New Delicas page.  

Also, new colors have been added in the 7mm crescents and 8mm Butterflies.  A small section of 10mm butterflies has been added to the bottom of the page of the 8mm butterflies.  You'll love the new colors - perfect for your next floral project. 

6x8 Bellflowers, stunning beads for your garden projects in a variety of colors.  You'll love them and buy them by the dozen!!

These 9mm Flower Cups can be used by themselves, cup other pressed glass beads in the center of the cup, or get used as bead caps.  You'll love them in your work!

May 2004 - Czech Republic
9o 3-cuts
are now LIVE!
In response to a customer request, the Czech Republic 9o 3-cuts have been put up.  These faceted larger seed beads can add that perfect sparkle to your projects.  These are for you, Fern!!
May 2004 - 12 New DELICA colors!! Miyuki has announced that more than 140 new colors will be added in 2004-2005 to their Delica beads.  We LOVE Delicas and will get the new colors up for you to purchase just as soon as we have received them and processed them.  Here are the first 12 colors (they are also on their appropriate color number order page).  DB color numbers 1010-1016 and 1061-1066 (two colors were backordered and will be updated as soon as they are received).  ENJOY!!
July 8, 2003 - Nymo B & D Many beaders love working with Nymo.  For many years there was a limited amount of colors available, but no more.  We are happy to present more than 25 available colors in B (medium weight) and D (heavier weight) sizes.  
Web Corrections - May 22, 2003 We spent a while correcting pages that were corrupted during our last surge and think we've found all of the errors now.  BUT, if you find a page with odd formats on it, please Email us and let us knot about it so that we can correct it as soon as possible.  We also updated with our Bead & Button mail order department schedule on the Home page.  
April 6, 2003 - 14mm Crescents (Angel
We think that the crescents, also known as Angel Wings, are fantastic beads!!  So, we just got a nice large shipment in of the larger 14mm size.  Feast your eyes on these and order quickly - we know they'll be flying to new beading homes soon.  And if you like the 14mm size, don't forget that we also carry the 7mm size - perfect for the petite look in Angel earrings.  
March 17, 2003 - Japanese 8o Hex Beads At a request from a customer - we have updated and organized the Japanese 8o Hex beads pages.  These beads are a wonderful substitute to 8o Delica beads at 1/3rd of the cost.  We have also updated our Silamide thread page so that the shopping cart operates properly with the pull-down choices.  Sorry for the inconvenience you had experienced before.  
We're BACK!! It's been a hard slog with health issues and problems with computers, but we're back and adding more products at least once a week.  Sorry for the long delays and we SO appreciate the fact that you've stuck with us through the difficulties.  We're happy to be back!
September 12, 2002 - Delicas After a customer asked me about a Delica color, I realized that the very newest colors had never been added.  My Bad!!!  I have now added  color numbers 332, 335, 340, 1001, 1004, 1051, 1052, 1053, 1054, 1055 and 1056.  Look for them in their appropriate numeric sections.  
June 25, 2002 - Silamide Thread We have had a lot of requests for our threads, and we wanted to try out some new features of our shopping cart - so Silamide had been added to the site.  Just look for the wonderful colors of my favorite beading thread!
October 28, 2001 - 5mmx16mm Daggers (Page 1 and Page 2)
  5mmx16mm Daggers, Page 1
  5mmx16mm Daggers, Page 2
A customer loved our smaller daggers, but expressed a desire to see our larger ones.  Well, we thought it would be great to show these not only to her, but to all of our customers.  Be sure to look at both pages to see the full selection of colors we have available for you.  
October 21, 2001 - Japanese Fringe Beads I bet you thought we'd forgotten all about you!!  No - but a variety of things in "real life" interfered with our web site work.  We're back on track to introduce the Japanese Fringe Bead section in the Shaped Beads area.  Love tiny teardrops?  These are the perfect beads for you.

June 20, 2001 - 3mmx11mm Daggers (Page 1 and Page 2) 
  3mmx11mm Daggers Page 1
  3mmx11mm Daggers Page 2

Jo asked for these wonderful daggers (sometimes called spear points).  We love these and think that we have a great selection for you.  Be sure to look at both pages to see the full selection of colors to choose from.  

June 18, 2001 - Czech pressed glass 2-Hole Flowers & Leaves

Ask and you shall receive.  Esther asked for 2-hole beads - specifically the flowers.  For her, here are these lovely beads.  
March 22 & 23, 2001 - Czech Matte Transparent Rainbow seed beads (Czech Seed Beads Index) Again in response to a request for quotation, the Czech 11o and Czech 8o Matte Transparent Rainbow seed beads have been added.  This is the first small segment of many more Czech seed beads to come.  
March 15, 2001 - Order Forms Customers have requested a printable order form that they can mail in if they would rather not use the automatic ordering feature.  In response to this, two new pages have been added:  Order Form Information and Order Form.  Feel free to use the printable form with a fax or mail order if you choose.  
January 6, 2001 - New Postal Rates The USPS has raised their rates beginning January 7th.  Our secured checkout form has been updated to reflect these changes.  Also, our international country choices has finally been altered to work correctly.  Sorry it took so long :-)
December 2000 - Four additional luscious metallic Delicas have been added to the New Delica and the Delicas 1001+ pages. Love Delica beads as much as we do?  These four new Gold Lustre metallic Delica beads gleam and will make your latest project truly special.  
December 2000 - The two newest Delica beads have been added to the New Delica page and their own number pages. Enjoy Matte Rhodium Plated and Matte Galvanized Silver - the newest Delica colors.  Remember, as new colors arrive, Stormcloud (Beadstorm) will always have them available for your projects.
November 2000 - Two new 7mmx12mm Top Drilled Leaves Find out why this style of leaf is our most popular.   Brown Olivine Matte Vitrail and Emerald Matte Vitrail have now been added.  
November 2000 - Bone Hairpipe four new 7mm Crescent Beads and several new 11o Japanese seed beads  This item has been added because of consistent customer requests for it.  Hairpipe in bone and buffalo horn have now been added to our shopping cart.  Also, four new 7mm crescents and several new 11o Japanese beads have been added.  
September 2000 - Additional 9mm Leaves Just in time for your fall season projects, we've almost doubled your color selections, including some luscious fall colors.  
September 2000 - New 7mm Crescent Beads (Angel Wings) An additional seven colors have been added to make your Holiday angel earrings even more special.  
September 2000 - A Bunch of
We love these two sizes of butterfly beads, and know you will let your imagination fly with these lovely beads.  Check out the 8mmx12mm Small Butterflies or the 10mmx12mm Butterfly beads.  
September 2000 - 5mmx7mm Square Leaf Beads These beads were added to our collection for a customer who requested them.  We thought they were lovely, with delicate etched leaf veins and a versatile shape and size.  We think you'll love them also.  
August 2000 - 7mmx12mm Top Drilled Leaves These lovely leaves have incised patterns on them that make them particularly wonderful.  As we approach the Fall season, we're proud to offer you another leaf for your projects.  
August 2000 - Czech Pressed 
  Glass 7mm Crescents
Responding to a request from a customer, these small center-drilled crescents, often called Angel Wings have been added.  
June 2000 - New Japanese 8o's A new shipment of 8o beads arrived and they are getting onto their appropriate pages as soon as we can get them checked in, tubed and tagged.  All of these will be marked as NEW on each page.
June 2000 - Japanese 5o Beads These, the largest seed beads made by the Japanese factories, offer a wonderful alternative for smaller children and for embellishing your own work.  These beads are made by Toho only in round and hex styles.  Take a peek and enjoy the colors.  
June 2000 - Japanese 8o Beads Again, a customer generated request.  The Japanese 8o beads come in a wonderful range of colors and are made by all three factories in both rounds and hex styles.  Come and look.  
June 2000 - Czech Pressed
    Glass Leaves
For a requested scan for a customer, comes the beginning of our pressed glass.  These 9mm and 8mmx10mm center drilled leaves are just waiting for you to use them in your latest projects.  Also, wonderful top drilled 9mmx14mm leaves and larger 10mmx12mm center drilled leaves are also added.
March 2000 - New Delica Colors Wonderful metallics and shimmery satins, these new colors are perfect for your next project.  We have set them aside on a page by themselves, but they are also incorporated into the numeric Delica pages if you prefer to order from there. 


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