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Needles & Threads

It is impossible to assemble beading projects without stringing materials and
supplies, but the threads section must wait until after the beads have been
put on-line.  In the meantime, we carry Nymo in all sizes (000, 00, 0, A, B, D and F), Silamide
 in all 21 colors on 40 yard cards or 900 yard spools, Tigertail, Softflex and SoftTouch beading
wires, PowerPro, Fire Line and Illusion Cord fishing line/beading products, 
and "Elastoma" and Gossamer Floss elastic cords.  

Silamide is now active, click to view

Nymo B & D Colored Spools are now active, click to view

Super Lon (size D) is now active, click to view

In addition, we carry Sharps (short) needles in sizes 10, 11 and 12 , and English
Beading needles (longer) in sizes 10, 12, 13 and 15.  Other needles include
two sizes of big eye needles and 3 sizes of wire twist needles.  If you are
looking for needles, simply Email us directly with your needle needs and questions. 

We will be happy to quote you on any of these supplies.  Just Email us for
additional information at Sales.


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