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Czech Republic Pressed Glass Index

  Pressed glass beads are still made in small factories and cottage industries
throughout the Czech Republic.  We get our pressed glass beads from several
sources and try to offer you the largest variety of smaller (8mm and under in size)
pressed glass beads possible.  This section will be developed in late fall, 2000,
but in the meantime, we would be happy to send you scans of specific beads and
quotations via Email.  Just Email us for specific information.


6mm Bicones, Page 1

6mm Bicones, Page 2


8mmx12mm & 10mm Small Butterflies

10mmx12mm Butterfly Beads


7mm Crescents

14mm Crescents


3mmx11mm Daggers, Page 1

3mmx11mm Daggers, Page 2

5mmx16mm Daggers, Page 1

5mmx16mm Daggers, Page 2




6x8 Bellflowers

7mm Flower Cups

9mm Flower Cups


5mmx7mm Square Leaf Beads
7mmx11mm Horizontally Drilled Leaves

7mmx12mm Top Drilled Leaves

8mm x 10mm Center Drilled Leaves

9mm Leaves

9mm x 14mm Top Drilled Leaves

10mm x 12mm Center Drilled Leaves


5mmx7mm Vertical Faceted Teardrops

2-Hole Flower & Leaf Beads

2-Hole Leaves & Flowers




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